Monday, April 1, 2013

The Extremely Dark Reef

A lot of people have complained that The Dark Reef is too easy. Apparently, you have way too much hair on your chest for sissy little games like mine.

Also, the name is totally wrong, as it is not that dark at all. 

Also also, why can you, the third person viewer, see the targeting reticle? That doesn't make any damned sense. You don't see a reticle everywhere just because you have a gun. 

Lastly, and this is a big one, the story really, really gets in the way. Too much waiting around in the menus, reading stuff. Just let me go play the game already! Don't coddle me, I'm not a baby, I know ASDF does stuff. I can figure out click to shoot. DUH.

Well I wanted you to know that after some consideration, I have decided to create a test version of the game just for you. And yes, it's free. 


The Extremely Dark Reef is exactly like episode 2 of The Dark Reef with a few exceptions. 

1) Much harder. SO STOP YOUR BITCHING. 
2) No lighting except on your Nautilus, and where appropriate. But the rest of the game IS BLACK.
3) No targeting reticle AT ALL
4) No start or end menus AT ALL
5) No help menu AT ALL
7) IT'S TOO HARDCORE FOR YOU. So go back to playing tiddlywinks if you're scared now.

Mac version:

Windows version:

So there. I hope you're happy.